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Welcome to FOGO Wellness!!
Welcome to the FOGO Wellness program. Being physically active and leading a healthy lifestyle is so important to our long-term well-being and health.

Why not make it fun at the same time?

FOGO Wellness is centered on the power of the "team" - individuals you meet who have similar training, levels of fitness, and goals. Together, we try to foster a supportive and encouraging environment that helps keep you on track when you feel like taking a morning off. You will make new friends and exercising partners, while we take small steps towards improving your health and wellness. By committing to this program, you will be amazed at how your life will change for the better!

So please take a few minutes to read through our website to learn more about our program and be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

What’s New with your FOGO Wellness?

Can you believe it is over? After 16 weeks of hard fought effort, early mornings, braving the snow and wind chill (okay maybe not that!) - we have made it. Today, we graduated nearly 100 new FOGOs into our alumni group and we couldn't be more proud of you all! What a wonderful program and spectacular final day.

The entire FOGO Team has been touched and is deeply honored to have worked with and been a part of your lives. Thank you for sharing the past 4 months with us and we truly hope that this is just the beginning of a wonderful new beginning for all of you!